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Educators Homepage
Educators Homepage

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Explore unique wildlife videos, lesson ideas, or live events that enhance your children's discovery of the world. 

Native Wildlife

Student Resource: Discover All About Pangolins

Encourage self-directed learning by sharing this resource about pangolins with your children. Children can discover the special features and unique behaviour of the amazing pangolin and play a game online to learn more about native wildlife and their adaptations.

Junior Ranger Mission: WILDerful Guardian Rescue

Share this educational online game with your students to practise math and logic skills while learning about native wildlife. In this game, players go on a Mission to defeat Baron Trapps and rescue native wildlife from high-tech Tricky Traps.


Share this link ( and get students and their parents to sign up for an MAB account to play. Further details in the student resource 'Discover All About Pangolins'.

Pangolin & Pals Primary School Show