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Educators Homepage

Get Inspired By Wildlife!

 Welcome to the Preschool Educators' Resource Page

Explore unique wildlife videos, lesson ideas, or live events that enhance your children's discovery of the world. 

Learn about Pangolins

Teacher Resource: 3-2-1 Pangolin Fun

Get young children to think creatively and critically about the world around them while learning about the amazing pangolin. Targeted at teachers and parents of preschoolers, this resource offers activity ideas to be used in the classroom and at home.

Promote Parent-Child Activity and Help Students Earn Mystery Gift!

  1. Encourage parents to signup ( or log in to MAB to access the ‘3-2-1 Pangolin Fun’ resource.
  2. ​Ask them to complete ‘Nature Art’ by 3 Sept 2021 with their children at home. ​
  3. Every participating child will receive a mystery gift through the school (while stocks last). Participating schools will be contacted with details for gift collection. 

​​Submitted artwork will be displayed on the MAB Gallery. You may wish to view your students’ work for class discussions. 

Pangolin & Pals Preschool Show

Audiobook - Why did the Pangolin Cross the road?

Kai and Mei stumble upon an injured pangolin outside school. As they help the animal to safety, they wonder why it risked its life to cross the road.

Audiobook - 穿山甲为什么要过马路?


Learn about Hornbill

Teacher Resource: 3-2-1 Hornbill Fun​

Get young children to think creatively and critically about the world around them by exploring how the Oriental pied hornbill solves everyday problems. Targetted at teachers and parents of preschoolers, this resource offers activity ideas you can use in the classroom and at home.

The Amazing Hornbill Show