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Let's Play!
Let's Play!

Let's Play! Challenge

Hi, Rudy here. I need your help – it’s the school holidays but I've run out of play ideas! To complete this 7-day challenge, check this page for daily tasks. Here’s a checklist to get started. 

Your challenge: Give me more playtime ideas!

Over the next 7 days, you will find out what playtime looks like for some of my friends. After you've gathered the ideas and inspiration, I'll need you to help design more play activities for me!

19 June: Watch Chicky Time - Fly the Nest

Catch my feathered friends in action and find out what they have to prepare for their 'graduation' from the Breeding and Research Centre. Hint: There's lots of play involved! 

Show details: 

19 Jun 2021, Saturday

11:00am - 11:30am


20 June: Watch "A Floating Challenge"

Find out how my otter-ly cute friends engage in play as they figure out the best way to get to their favourite food. See if you can spot what our keepers used to create the floating device. I hope it inspires you in your final creation of my playtime activity!

Floating Challenge

21 June: Watch Animals Are Amazing

Did my resourceful orangutan friends inspire some ideas on how we can play? I love their patience in exploring how to get their favourite treats out of the enrichment box. Download this activity and make your own handy orangutan bookmark!


22 June: Watch "Babies on the Block"

Isn't Bintang the cutest? Water play may not seem much, but are essential for animals to learn how to thrive in the water! I love his unique coat - the pattern reminds me of a black and white watermelon. Download this activity and draw your own baby tapir!

Baby Bintang

23 June: Watch "What's hanging, Aprila?"

What do elephants do during playtime? Ever wondered how these majestic mammals play? Check out my friend Aprila and see if you can spot what she's up to!


24 June: Read "Playtime at the zoo"

So we know by now how important play is. It's not just for fun - it also keeps us active, alert and encourages us to think out of the box. Read this fun article and discover even more ways to play!

Rudy's playtime

25 June: Watch Rudy's Buddy Cam

Great job! We're on our way to becoming playtime experts. We've explored how some of my other friends play. Now check out my play space in Buddy Barn, and help me jazz up my play space with more toys! 

Download this activity for more details. I can't wait to see what you create for me.

Buddy Cam