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Week 5: Otters

In our final week, we're getting to know more about our otterly adorable friends! Smooth-coated otters are the largest otter species in Southeast Asia. Do you know that a group of otters is called a romp? Scroll down for more otter fun activities!

CRAFT: Adding otters to the birthday card!

The final layer of our birthday card is none other than the otters! Download the template, jazz it up and complete the card! Don't forget to share your final creation with us on social media with the tag #myanimalbuddy.

WATCH: Little Otter, litter trouble

What happens when one of the otter pups get caught in the trash found on the beach? Join us on the rescue adventure!

PLAY: Finding out more about the otters

Now that you have listened to the audiobook, fill in the blanks in this fun exercise!

EXPLORE: Otter puppets

Have some paper bags? Why not make an otter puppet to bring along your field trip to the park? Or you can turn it over into an adorable otter bag for your picnic or snacks.