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Week 4: Reticulated Python

Welcome to Week 4 of Sally's National Day challenge! This week, we will get to know our native snakes of which the most iconic is the Reticulated python.

CRAFT: Let's add the reticulated python to the card!

Our friend, the reticulated python deserves a spot in this truly singaporean card! Let us get our craft supplies!

WATCH: Into the Wild, Native species feature - Beautiful and long

The reticulated python is the longest snake species in the world. Let our host, Sybil tell you more about our beautiful, slithery friends.

PLAY: Eye spy a python

What are the unique characteristics of a reticulated python? Play this match game to find out!

EXPLORE: Ready. Get set... GO!

How fast can your snake slither? Make your very own python racer with your family or friends and bring it outdoors for a fun race!