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Week 3: Pangolins

Welcome to Week 3 of Sally's National Day challenge! Our special guest this week is the Sunda pangolin!

CRAFT: Third layer of the card is the pangolin!

The card is slowly taking shape with the pangolins joining the party. Do you have the craft materials ready? 

PLAY: Why did the pangolin cross the road?

Let’s watch Berani’s brave recovery from the road injury and discover ways to help other pangolin friends stay safe!

EXPLORE: Make your nature craft pangolin!

Here's an opportunity to explore nature and create your own unique pangolin art. Collect fallen leaves, twigs or flowers as you enjoy your walk outdoors. Return home to make your amazing pangolin craft!

Share your completed craft with us on Instagram, hashtag #myanimalbuddy to share with us!

BONUS: Pangolin Factsheet

Learn about the special features and unique behaviour of the amazing pangolin. Discover a game where you must pit your brains and wit against Baron Trapps to save native animals from high-tech tricky traps!

Find out more about native wildlife and their adaptations while you complete your