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Week 2: Macaques

Welcome to Week 2 of Sally's National Day challenge! We will be introducing the misunderstood macaques this week. Let us get started.

CRAFT: Let's add macaques to our birthday card!

The card is getting exciting as we introduce the second layer and my good friend the macaque! Got your craft supplies ready? 

PLAY: Watch our audiobook and try this quiz!

Listen to this audiobook about "Macaques in our neighbourhood" and try this fun quiz!

Psst, there's also a Chinese version of the book if you'll like to check out here.

EXPLORE: Make your own reusable bags!

These cheeky macaques can now recognise plastic bags as food holders. Let’s design reusable cloth bags to keep your belongings safe when you head outdoors.

The rule of thumb is still to keep a safe, respectful distance when you come across any wildlife.